6 factors that affect the price of customized leather bags

1. Material: Material material accounts for most of the cost of a bag, and normally accounts for 50% to 70% of the cost of the entire custom leather bag. Some are even higher, which is almost the most important factor affecting the price of a bag. The materials that make up a bag are mainly three pieces: fabric, lining, and hardware accessories. The main material fabrics are generally leather, PU, ​​semi-PU, PVC, etc. It is difficult to distinguish which material belongs to the fabric from the texture, the price difference of each material is very large, from a few yuan to one yard of PVC (also very high-end (PVC) up to 60-70 yuan per foot of the first layer of skin, and at first glance it will not be too different. The lining is generally matched to the fabric grade. Normally, the lining of a bag is about 0.5 yards, which affects its price to be slightly lighter. The hardware accessories are usually matched with the fabric grade, but different hardware requirements are The price impact is also quite big, especially if there are some special hardware or bags with many hardware accessories. Of course, there are some hard-to-see places in the material, such as supporting materials, thread, edge oil, cloth, packaging materials, etc., if there are special requirements, it will affect their quotation.

2. Quality requirements: In addition to the selected raw materials, the quality of a pu leather bag is more important than the quality of the production process. Usually the production and processing cost of a bag accounts for about 15% to 40% of the cost of the whole bag. In the leather goods industry, the processing price of the same handbag with different quality requirements generally ranges from 45 yuan to 100 yuan. If the quality requirements are general, many custom leather bag factories can produce it. The normal 45 to 55 yuan of the line can be arranged. Single and general European and American orders require medium price, about 67 yuan to 75 yuan, Japanese single or some genuine leather processing unit price ranges from 75 yuan to 100 yuan, some high simulation leather processing price ranges from 180 yuan to 600 yuan. If, like some Japanese orders, strict inspections require a third-party inspection company to inspect the goods, the cost of a single inspection often costs about 25 yuan per bag.

3. Quantity: The number of orders should be ranked as the third factor that affects the quotation. The price of a model, sample, MOQ, bulk goods, etc. will vary greatly. Usually, the cost of playing an ordinary board requires the manufacturer to pay at least In the range of 500 yuan to 800 yuan, the minimum order quantity refers to a minimum order standard line established by different factories according to their own production lines. Normally, it takes 50-100 per color for each manufacturer to be willing to do it. Now the business is not easy to do. Generally, if a package can be sold to about 500 units, the normal large price can be obtained. If there are more than 2,000 bags, the normal price may be reduced by a few yuan.

4. Technological process: This mainly affects the quotation of production and processing. The simpler bagging process has a much lower relative processing cost; some bags seem simple, but There are some special work requirements (special embossing, embroidery, braiding, special hardware electric crossing, special edging process, etc.) that will also affect the quotation of customized leather bags wholesale; there are also packaging process requirements will also affect the quotation of a bag.

5. Delivery period: If the material is relatively normal, if it is not a particularly large quantity, the factory’s production cycle is mostly between 15 days and 1 month (the return of the order is generally 10 to 15 days if the quantity is not particularly large, Now some e-commerce can return orders as fast as 7 days). If the delivery period is tight due to factory needs, such as temporary workers or outsourcing, the corresponding quotation will be 5 to 10 yuan higher.

6. Season: The production of bags has a more obvious off-peak season in the past (now it seems to be all off-season), and the price of customized leather bags at different points in time is also different. It was the time when the quotation was the most expensive. At this time, production was relatively unstable and abnormal. Temporary workers were often required and the demand was relatively strong. In July, August, and September, which are relatively weak, many factories do it in order to support workers without making money or even paying a little bit.

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