A basic introduction of using the electric drill

The electric drill is more and more useful in our daily life, here is a basic introduction of using the electric drill from Ronix Tools supplier.

Detailed explanation of the use of electric drill

1. Personal protection when using an electric drill

1.1 Wear a protective mask when working with your face up. Wear safety goggles for eye protection when drilling holes in cast iron castings.

1.2 The drill holder should be properly installed.

1.3 When the drill bit is in a hot state during operation, care should be taken to burn the skin.

1.4 When drilling a hand-held electric drill with a diameter of Φ12mm or more, a pistol drill with a side handle should be used.

1.5 When working on a ladder or working at a height, measures for falling from a height should be taken, and the ladder should be supported by ground personnel.

2. Matters needing attention before operation

2.1 Confirm whether the power connected to the site is consistent with the nameplate of the electric drill. Whether there is a leakage protector connected.

2.2 The drill bit and the holder should be adapted and properly installed.

2.3 Confirm that the switch on the electric drill is in the locked state, otherwise the electric drill will turn unexpectedly and immediately when the plug is inserted into the power socket, which may lead to the danger of personal injury.

2.4 If the workplace is far away from the power supply, when the cable needs to be extended, use a cable with sufficient capacity and install a qualified extension cable. If the extension cable passes through the sidewalk, it should be elevated or measures should be taken to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.

3. Correct operation method of electric drill

3.1 Drilling holes in metal materials should first be used to punch the top hole at the position to be drilled.

3.2 When drilling larger holes, drill through with a small drill bit in advance, and then use a large drill bit to drill.

3.3 When drilling on metal for a long time, certain cooling measures can be taken to keep the drill bit sharp.

3.4 Drilling chips generated during drilling are strictly prohibited to be cleaned directly by hand, and special tools should be used to remove the chips.

4. Maintenance and inspection

4.1 Check the drill bit: The use of a dull or bent drill bit will make the motor overload surface abnormal and reduce the working efficiency. Therefore, if such a situation is found, it should be replaced immediately.

4.2 Inspection of the fastening screws of the electric drill body: Check the fastening of the installation screws of the electric drill body before use. If the screws are found to be loose, they should be re-tightened immediately, otherwise the electric drill will fail.

4.3 Check the carbon brushes: The carbon brushes on the motor are consumables. Once the wear degree exceeds the limit, the motor will fail. Therefore, the worn carbon brushes should be replaced immediately, and the carbon brushes must always be kept clean.

4.4 Inspection of protective grounding wire: The protective grounding wire is an important measure to protect personal safety, so Class I appliances (metal casing) should always check that the casing should be well grounded.

How to change the drill bit of an electric drill?

Under normal circumstances, the way of changing the drill bit of an electric drill and an impact drill is the same, just because the drill chuck of the drill bit on them is divided into a self-tightening drill chuck and a hand-tight drill chuck, and the electric drill of the self-tightening drill chuck is used in When replacing the drill bit, we need to hold the drill chuck with one hand and turn on the reverse switch of the electric drill at the same time, so simply replace the original drill bit and put the drill bit up in the same way. Of course, don’t forget the forward and reverse directions of the switch. Call back, if it is a hand-tight drill chuck, it can be replaced as long as it is opened with the key of the drill chuck that comes with it.

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