A biscuit production line produces at least four kinds of biscuits

Biscuits account for the top three domestic snack foods due to their convenience for consumption and can be used as casual snacks. The market share of biscuits, along with baked goods and candies, exceeds 100 billion. Behind such a huge market, biscuit production equipment has gradually attracted attention

Biscuit types are extremely rich. From the production process, there are tough biscuits, crisp biscuits, sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, etc.; in terms of shape, there are not only round and square, but also stick and egg roll shapes. Biscuit machines are classified based on the production process, including wafer biscuit production line, cookie production line, and sandwich biscuit machine.

Take wafer biscuits for example, these biscuits are soft and fragile and difficult to make by hand, so the production line can play a decisive role in the taste of the finished product. The wafer biscuits production equipment for producing wafer biscuits has a high degree of automation and can realize fully automatic production. Wafer biscuits are constantly being renovated in order to attract consumers’ attention, such as incorporating chocolate sauce, adding double or triple sandwiches, etc. The production line only needs to select the corresponding mode to achieve rapid production.

Industrial automatic biscuit machinery manufacturer

The wafer biscuit production line can basically cover the characteristics of various biscuit production lines. These equipments have made great efforts to be flexible and adapt to the production of a variety of products at the beginning of production design. The biscuit production line can arbitrarily combine and disassemble the equipment according to the user’s site requirements and biscuit process requirements, and change the mold and process formula to produce different types of biscuit products.

Although the shape of the biscuit is not the basis for the classification of various biscuit machines, it is an essential means to attract consumers. At present, biscuits are mainly formed by stamping and pressing, and the shape changes can be formed by changing the mold. For wafer biscuits, they mainly rely on cutting and forming. The fragile properties of wafer biscuits can be imagined. The key to perfect formation of wafer biscuits lies in the knives. Sharp and fast-running knives can cut regular, uniform and clear cut surfaces. For wafer biscuits, laser cutters are currently used instead of traditional cutters to cut food.

As a food with multi-functional application scenarios, biscuits still have a broad space for sustainable development in terms of long-term development trends. During the development of the biscuit category, it should be the unremitting pursuit of the biscuit production equipment manufacturer to improve the intelligence and automation of biscuit machine, and to further adapt to the current market’s requirements for nutrition and production characteristics of the biscuit category.

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