A Brief Introduction Of Evaporative Air Cooler

Air coolers are divided into refrigeration industrial air coolers and household air coolers. Industrial air coolers are generally used in cold storage and cold chain logistics refrigeration environments. Household air coolers are also called water-cooled air conditioners. They are a type of cooling, ventilation, dustproof, and odor removal 1. Evaporative cooling unit with humidification.

In addition to the cooler that can bring fresh air and reduce the temperature in corporate workshops, public places, and commercial entertainment occasions, it also has an important feature-energy saving and environmental protection! It is a brand-new environment-friendly product without compressor, refrigerant and copper tube. The core of the main components —– evaporative wet curtain (multilayer corrugated fiber laminate) and 1.1KW main motor The air cooler consumes 1/8 of the electricity, which can save more electricity for all industries.

Evaporative air coolers are household appliances with a long history, even earlier than traditional air conditioners. In the Middle East, people call it “desert air conditioner”, in the United States, people call it “swamp air conditioner”. The structure of the evaporative air conditioner is very simple. The water is transported to the upper part of the wet curtain by the water pump in the water tank. The water evenly wets the entire contact surface of the wet curtain. When the hot air passes through the wet curtain, the water absorbs a lot of heat in the air, so that The air passing through the wet curtain cools down, and at the same time gets filtered to make the air sent out cool, moist and fresh.

main feature

①Less investment and high efficiency (only 1/8 of traditional central air conditioner consumes electricity).

②Do not close the doors and windows by using the air cooler.

③It can replace the indoor turbid, sultry and smelly air and discharge it outdoors.

④Low power consumption, the power consumption per unit is 1.1 degrees per hour, no refrigerant (Freon) is needed.

⑤ Air supply volume of each chiller: 6000-80000 cubic meters.

⑥ The area covered by each cold wind reaches 100-130 square meters.

Features of evaporative cooler:

1. The cooling effect is obvious: in humid areas, it can generally achieve a cooling effect of about 5-9 ℃; in particularly hot and dry areas,

The cooling range can reach 10-15 ℃.

2. The investment cost is low and does not occupy the construction area. Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioning system, the cost is less than half of it.

3. Keep the indoor air clean, clean and hygienic.

6. Easy maintenance and installation: The system is simple, easy to install and maintain quickly, without professional maintenance personnel.

7. Prevent the air from drying: It can moisturize the skin and has certain benefits to the skin.

8. Easy to maintain and install without professional maintenance personnel.

Application range:

Textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemicals, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather and other manufacturing industries;

Processing industries such as electroplating, electronics, shoemaking, printing and dyeing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food, etc .;

Hospital, waiting room, school, waiting room, super mall, laundry room;

Public places such as kitchens, vegetable markets, large entertainment centers, underground parking lots, stations, etc .;

Greenhouses, flowers, poultry, animal husbandry and other breeding farms;

Modification and installation of existing air-conditioning and blower equipment.

For places requiring high humidity (such as textile, planting, etc.), some indoor installations can be used in the design.

For places requiring low humidity, low humidity and high cleanliness, please consider whether it is suitable for use in detail.


In case of long-distance transportation, protective measures shall be taken to prevent the product from being destroyed when it arrives. If a wooden frame is added to the cooling fan package to protect it from heavy stress or collision, it should be handled lightly; the machine should be checked before installation and operation, and the bearing position should be lubricated; the power supply must meet the design specifications, and the voltage deviation does not exceed the rated voltage 10V or more; when the air cooler is working, the shutter cannot be opened with external force.

The geographical location of the installation of the air cooler affects the air volume and the freshness of the air.

When installed outdoors, ensure fresh air circulation. The host can be installed as far as possible in a place with good ambient air quality. Don’t install it at the exhaust port with odor.

When installing on the wall, on the roof or on the outdoor floor, the air duct should be kept too long. Generally, the length of 15-20 meters is the best, and the elbow of the air pipe is reduced as much as possible or not.

When the main engine is running, a certain area of ​​doors or windows must be opened for ventilation. If there are not enough doors and windows, an exhaust fan should be installed, and the exhaust volume should be 80% of the total air supply of the cooler.

The support of the main unit of the air cooler needs to be welded by the steel structure, and the structure is required to support the entire body and the weight of the maintenance personnel twice.

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