Advantages and operating steps of paper cup machine

What are the operating steps of the paper cup machine

The operation of the paper cup machine china should pay attention to steps, and scientific and regular steps can improve the efficiency of the paper cup machine. The following summarizes 9 aspects to pay attention to the operation steps of the paper cup machine.

1. After the preparation of the paper cup machine is completed, shout “Turn on” when the motor will be started. The motor can only be started without any response. (This is to prevent the mechanic from seeing the operator or making unnecessary safety accidents when repairing on the opposite side or behind the machine).

2. Carefully observe the operation of the paper cup machine, take a cup to check the bonding effect of the paper cup, preheating, main heat, whether there is yellowing at the knurling, and damage the paper cup.

3. Check the bonding effect of the bonding place, whether there are indirect defects. The firmness of the bottom of the cup and the bonding is suitable for tearing and pulling, and if there is no indirect pulling, it is a suspected leaking cup. The water test is quasi.

4. During normal operation, if the machine is found or feels abnormal, lift the cup body first, and wait for the last cup to pass the knurling before stopping to check.

5. When unexpectedly stopping for a long time and restarting the machine in the middle, the fourth and fifth pieces of the large plate should be taken out to check whether the knurled parts are bonded.

6. The automatic paper cup machine operator pays attention to the shape of the cup mouth, cup body and cup bottom at any time during normal production, and inspects the bonding and size appearance of the cup from time to time or individually.

7. When the employees concentrate on the operation, if they find abnormal sounds or the bottom of the cup is not well formed, they should immediately stop the inspection to prevent greater losses.

8. Operators should be responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by themselves with boiling water every hour, 8 pieces each time.

9. Before sealing the carton, the operator of the paper cup machine should check the number of small packages. After the inspection is correct, cut the product certificate or product pattern and paste it on the upper right corner of the left side of the carton, and fill in the work number in the box to produce The date, the final sealed and neatly stacked in the designated location.

Advantages of high-speed paper cup machine

The paper cup machine has high efficiency, and the fastest speed can reach 150 pieces/minute; the mold is automatically centered to achieve rapid replacement; the automatic lubrication system can fully guarantee the high speed paper cup machine running for a long time at high speed.

High speed paper cup machine

1. High production efficiency of single machine, up to 150 pcs/min

2. Inclined cup paper feeding, with advantages of stability and space saving

3. Swiss hot air bonding to improve the livelihood speed and product quality

4. The paper feed at the bottom of the cup adopts servo drive, which has the characteristics of stability and high precision.

5. Fully automatic lubrication system guarantees high-speed operation of the equipment for a long time and low noise

6. The motion station is driven by the cam method to make the movement more stable and efficient

7. PLC control, the speed of the host is infinitely adjustable

8. The mold is centered, and the mold can be quickly replaced to improve production efficiency

9. The user-friendly cup collection system makes cup collection and packaging easier.

10. Intelligent design, set automatic fault alarm, automatic emergency stop and other safety devices

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