Contact Competitive Pneumatic Components Factory & Scale Up Your Pneumatic Parts Business

As an avant garde of industrial pneumatic parts suppliers rich in experience, Airwolf factory’s product mainly covers pneumatic components,custom pneumatic components service favored by its global customers due to its impressively great quality and relatively competitive price.

To maximize customers’ experience satisfaction in Airwolf pneumatic product and service is all Airwolf works for.

We have many years experience in producing pneumatic components. Pneumatic components includes pneumatic fittings, pulse valves, water valves, induction coil, solenoid valves, manual valves, air control valves, angle seat valve, air preparation units,

cylinders, air gun, air brush, machinery parts, PU/PE pneumatic & hydraulic tubes and pneumatic accessories.


We have been appraised as an honest and trustworthy company for eight consecutive years. We are excellent innovative company in Zhejiang Province. Our customers cover 230 countries around the world.


We keep the policy “Favorable price, on-time delivery, steady quality, ceaseless development heart-to-heart service and Win-win mode”.

Custom service:

1. International OEM service

Adopt international OEM labor’s process, much more vivid change allocation standard, satisfy thoroughfare company dissimilarity make to order norm.


2. Technological Renewal and Solution

Design and solve related problems in pneumatic industry according to customers’needs.


3.Personalized Customization

Kind can be customized according to customers, we can make any design& any size.


Pneumatic parts manufacturer, Airwolf offers global customers one-stop solution for custom pneumatic components and various pneumatic products, we aim to meet and materialize our customers’ demands in nuts and bolts, our experienced pneumatic parts engineers have designed and developed pneumatic products for customers from both inside and outside. Established in 2010, Airwolf pneumatic products factory has been staffing up and scaling up, featured with large capacity and armed with advanced pneumatic parts manufacturing equipment, Airwolf has the ability to serve for customers well.

Regarding Airwolf pneumatic parts, contact us should you be interested in Airwolf pneumatic components and custom service.

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