Different colors tiles affect the decoration style

At present, ceramic tiles have become a building material that cannot be ignored in home decoration. According to the decoration style of the home and different living spaces, the tiles that need to be applied often vary greatly. The color texture and color pattern of the tile itself will also affect the construction of the overall home style, and its decoration effect and decoration grade. Therefore, before buying ceramic tiles, you should plan the matching and design of ceramic tiles to better grasp the overall situation, ensure the unity of the overall decoration style, and highlight the owner’s home aesthetics and taste. So, how should the tiles be matched and how to buy them? Next, we introduce different types of tiles and their application characteristics according to the decorative effect of tiles.

According to different decorative effects, ceramic tiles can be divided into marble tiles, antique tiles, wood grain tiles, microcrystalline stones, polished crystal tiles and fully polished glazes.

Simply put, marble tiles are a type of style tiles that simulate the texture and texture of natural marble. With the continuous improvement of craftsmanship and equipment, the decorative effect of marble tiles at this stage can already reach the point of “reality”. It is widely used in space decoration applications, and can be applied to various home decoration styles and home decoration spaces.

The most important feature of antique tile in decoration is its retro effect. With the continuous development and expansion of the category, wood tiles, cement tiles, metal tiles and other small branches are further subdivided from antique tiles. With the advancement of time, traditional antique tiles have evolved into modern antique tiles, which are more suitable for modern and simple decoration styles.

Microcrystalline stone can also be used as a kind of vitrified tile, but its surface adds a layer of microcrystalline glass, the surface of the ceramic tile is crystal clear, and the decorative effect is very high-grade. However, the surface is not wear-resistant and easily scratched, so it is not recommended for use on the ground.

Fully polished glaze has rich colors, varied texture patterns, and high gloss on the surface. It is considered to be a cost-effective choice between polished tiles and microcrystalline stone. Fully polished glaze is a type of polished glazed tile. After the process of full polish on the glaze layer on the surface, the touch is delicate and smooth like a mirror.

The decorative effect of the polished crystal tile is very magnificent, noble and gorgeous, and can be comparable to the colored glazed tile. It is inlaid with gold or silver foil on the surface of the tiles, decorated with the original texture and pattern, giving a full sense of “local tyrant”. However, due to the higher cost and selling price of the polished tile itself, and the home decoration style tends to be modern and simple, low-key and light luxury, it is difficult to further promote the polished tile.

When actually buying ceramic tiles by tile manufacturer, it is necessary to choose the appropriate ceramic tile products in combination with the decoration style and decoration budget of the home.

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