eco-friendly portable copy router machine for aluminium single producer for tapping

KT-393J High Precision Copy Router in Heavy Duty


The machine adopts a 2KW main spindle motor specially for the machining center and adopts a Fuji vector inverter. With extra large processing size and high precision. Especially suitable for copying process of various shapes on aluminum curtain wall materials, window materials and extra large sanitary ware materials Through the mold board, copy the shapes of home to the workpiece in a proportion of 1:1. It can mill materials in 5mm thickness.

Main technical parameter

1 Worktable size (LW): 1960330mm

2 Max. distance of milling head from left to right: 1700mm

3 Max. distance of milling head from front to back: 280mm

4 Max. space height of milling head160mm: (Max. space 330mm)

5 Milling cutter diameter in common:∮8mm

 Optional : ∮3-∮10mm

6 Milling cutter: 1200r/min

7 Motor power: N=2KW

8 Working air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

9 Overall dimension:  (LWH)200013501720mm

10 Weight: 800kg

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