Four tips for installing high speed shutter door

Nowadays, the market demand for high speed shutter door is increasing, so the installation environment of high speed shutter door is particularly important! So before installing, you must have a detailed understanding of the installation knowledge of high-speed rolling shutter doors for better installation and use.

Here we come to a common analysis:

1. Where is the high speed shutter door suitable?

The fast rolling door is suitable for hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., and is widely used. The use of high speed shutter door can save air conditioning energy, reduce noise, wind and dust, and at the same time make our entrances look dignified and upscale.

2. How to buy a high speed shutter door?

According to the environment and requirements of installing high-speed rolling shutter doors, consider choosing the configuration of high speed shutter door.

1) The choice of sensors: in high-end hotels and office buildings, you can choose high-sensitivity sensors; choose the sensors in narrow areas in places such as banks and shops on the sidewalks where people often pass by.

2) Safety auxiliary device: In high-end hotels and other places, it is necessary to prevent the pinch incident of the fast rolling shutter door, and you can choose to install an anti-pinch infrared sensor.

3) Install the access control system and electric lock: Install the fast rolling door in the self-service bank, you can add the self-service bank access control system, and install the electric lock to control the entrance and exit.

4) Equipped with backup power supply: In order to ensure that the fast rolling door can also work normally in case of power failure, it can be equipped with backup power supply.

3. Choose the decoration standard of high speed shutter door:

In order to facilitate the future maintenance of high-speed rolling shutter doors, stainless steel, aluminum profiles or aluminum-plastic panels can be selected as the exterior finishes of door posts and door beams; note that if marble is used as the exterior finish, the rapid shutter door project and the marble project must be determined in advance Mutually coordinated construction plans to avoid serious consequences of rework and rework due to coordination errors The doors are generally made of glass doors. At present, there are common pure glass doors and framed glass doors.

4. Select the construction contractor:

Choose a fast rolling door manufacturer that can provide perfect after-sales service. Only the strong technical support of the fast rolling door manufacturer can be used as a backing, so as to ensure the interests of the end user.

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