Hot Wire Anemometer and the Wind Anemometer information

You may have your reasons for wanting a hot wire anemometer. Whatever is your reason though, be it a professional or an amateur interest in measuring the wind, you need to know if a hot wire type is for you and if there are any other great anemometer options for you to consider.

Hot Wire Type

We all have an idea what anemometers are supposed to be used for. If you need or simply want to be updated with weather details, an anemometer is vital. This is the most reliable instrument when it comes to setting down precise wind speed information. A good anemometer can either present information on pressure or velocity. There are units that can offer you information on both.

Anemometers do not come in a single shape and size. There are many different options but one popular option is the hot wire kind. You can imagine from its name that it is one anemometer that uses a hot wire. When wind blows through the hot wire, the wire cools which results in a variation in electrical resistance.

Hot wire anemometers are a bit fragile though. You could damage your unit if you aren’t careful. In most cases though, the precision and prompt readings of this device more than makes up for its delicate nature.

RK120-03 Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

Anemometers from Rika

As mentioned, hot wire versions aren’t the only ones you should consider. If you are looking for other great anemometer options, you should try looking for one made by Rika Seonsors. There are many reasons why you should prefer a Rika wind anemometer. The top reason however is that it is a leading name in weather monitoring devices.

– For beginners, it’s always a great idea to start with the standard unit. As an amateur at wind measuring, you use this device on high mounts for precise measurements. Regardless of whether the wins is blowing strong or not, you’ll get both speed and direction information.

– On second thought, you may not want to have to climb a post to attach an anemometer. If you want wind information nearer to your level, then you should get a hand held device. The model can provide very accurate measurements in a triple scale. The best thing about it is that its parts are so well protected that the device can last for years.

– If you want the ultimate device in wind measurements, you would love the ultrasonic anemometer. Aside from being a handy device that you can carry around, it can also go beyond measuring just wind speed. You also get valuable information on wind chill and temperature.

Whether it’s for ventilation system maintenance, weather monitoring or temperature monitoring for outdoor activities, a good anemometer is the best device to rely on.

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