How about the fire resistance of synthetic resin tiles?

Now many people will consider the fire resistance of the selected materials in the renovation of old houses. Now more and more people choose synthetic resin tile as the decoration material of the roof. How about his fire resistance? Then let’s take a look at synthetic resin tiles together!

Nowadays, synthetic resin tiles have been widely used. Whether it is a rural house decoration or some buildings, as well as a large number of consumers and manufacturers, they are vigorously advocating synthetic resin tiles. In recent years, the trend has been very obvious, and slowly With the development of popular trends, resin tiles are particularly prominent in fire prevention, energy saving and environmental protection, and have received unanimous praise from consumers.

First of all, we must understand that resin tiles are not plastics. As an outstanding representative of a new generation of environmentally friendly chemical building materials, resin tiles are added with flame retardants in the production process so that the resin tiles will not burn easily. Developed by SABIC, the world’s top 500 company, high-weather-resistant engineering resin ASA, he was judged to be flame retardant B1 after fire test. How to distinguish the quality of resin tiles, the simplest method is to ignite a corner of the resin tiles. After the fire source leaves, the flames are immediately extinguished by high-quality synthetic resin tiles, besides, the flames have an increasing trend And the smoke emitted from a larger odor is definitely a shoddy resin tile, because the resin tile has a distinctive feature that it does not support combustion and does not produce smoke. The resin index of the resin tile synthesized by ASA is less than 20, which is not flammable and inferior The tile has a certain degree of flexibility, and plasticizers are added to help it burn. This resin tile does not meet the requirements of fire protection and has poor weather resistance. It is easy to crack under the sunlight. Synthetic resin tile The light weight of the resin tiles is interspersed with a foamed insulation layer. When the tiles collide, the sound is dull and thick, but the sound that is worth the collision of the resin tiles is relatively crisp and at the same time. The upper bale is also relatively heavy. It is not easy to break the high-quality resin tile by hand, and it can carry more than 200 pounds of weight. The poor quality is easy to break.

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