How does screw type briquette machine work – making process

How does screw type briquette machine work – making process

There are several types of briquette machines with different working principles, they work on different pressures and suitable for different materials. So how screw type briquette machine work differently? 

What is a briquette machine

A briquette machine is used to turn the waste powder into a regular shape block, which can help to improve the conditions for those powder, make them easy for transportation, storage, and more useful for further usage.

The briquette system is able to deal with all kinds of materials under suitable sizes and moisture.

Briquetting work always takes place with the binder as the raw particles need the binding effect to get enough strength when they are turned to briquette. Biomass and industrial waste are sometimes different from each other when briquetting due to the binder source they are using.

Screw type briquette machines and how they work

The screw type briquette machine uses the auger to press the raw material, with different materials, it can be equipped with or without the heating system.

The heating system is a special design for those briquetters deal with materials contain lignin, lignin alway can be found on biomass. So the heating system is usually used for biomass briquetting. Other materials like coal, charcoal, etc. Binders are always needed when briquetting with the screw type briquette machine.

screw briquette machine working theory

The suitable material is fed to the hopper and then conveyed by the screw inside the briquette machine. The rotating screw takes the material from the feed port, and compacts it against a die which assists the build-up of a pressure gradient along the screw.

Finished briquette output from the end like a stick. Normal cross-section shapes we usually find can be square, round, plum blossom, etc.

As the screw briquette machine works with a pressure not that high, binders are always needed forming the briquette. Equip with a heating system will help the biomass material melt the internal lignin and turn it to a high-performance binder. Besides, other materials also work with this briquetter like coal, charcoal, etc. These materials should be well mixed with the binder to get the briquette forms.

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