How much will you cost for your outdoor decking?

Many householder proves the cost of wood plastic composite decking is reasonable. Averaging between $7.00-$11.00per square meter, the cost of installing a high-quality wpc decking will certainly be higher than building with traditional timber decking, which can cost between $ 5 – $7 per board. However, simply comparing the material and installation costs alone doesn’t mean everything. After 2-3 years of routine maintenance, the cost difference between traditional timber decking and WPC flooring is easily erased. We all know that no one wants to spned more time and cost for the maintenance. There are several other accessories that contribute to the total cost of purchasing any product. It’s in there hidden costs that buying a higher priced – yet higher quality – item starts to make sense.

Actually, we have to consider the two things: comparing the long term value and the total cost of ownership of both purchases. Substantially, all of them can be used to measure the total amount of time and money that someone will spend on something while they own it. The same principles can be applied to compare the cost of WPC composite flooring and traditional timber decking. Initially, the cost of installing a timber decking will be lower, but in order to keep the timber decking looking and performing as new, it will need near constant attention and maintenance. And, there is definitely a cost to completing all that work. No matter if you choose to do the work by yourself or hire someone.

For all wood decking, even wood that has been treated with preservatives is still easy to be damaged by moisture. As an organic material, it’s naturally absorbent, meaning that water will not only adhere to a wood surface, it can also seep into it. This can cause problems as minor as surface mold and mildew growth to structural damage caused by rot. To prevent such situation, lumber decking has to be sealed with paint or stain every few years, which costs money. As you can see, after 2-3 years, the additional expense of maintaining a low-cost traditional timber decking starts to encroach on what a high-quality wpc composite decking would have cost. With none of the mess or headaches to deal with either, wood plastic composite decking require only sweeping and a quick wash with soap and water between seasons.

When householders understand what the true costs of spending less to build a timber decking, the benefits of WPC decking have been reveal. Once installed, WPC composite decking require minimal maintenance to keep them looking as new.

As Greenzone WPC decking made to look and feel like real wood, homeowners can simply focus all o their attention on the outdoor living with their family, but not wasting time to worry about what’s happening to their new deck. For many people, the peace of mind that comes with choosing to install a composite decking is not only a specific cost, but a gift year after year.

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