How to choose Wall Panel Selection

1. The solid wood board of the house decoration, this kind of decoration wall board is a wood board made of a whole piece of wood. The interior wall panel, which is the most environmentally friendly solid wood wall paneling, is relatively strong and durable, and its texture is very natural. However, the cost of this decorative wall panel is relatively high, and the construction process requirements are relatively high. Therefore, the indoor wall panel will be used less in home decoration.

2. More environmentally friendly plywood. This kind of decorative wallboard is also called plywood and fine core board. It is also understood that this kind of decorative wallboard is made of three or more layers of veneer or thin board with a thickness of one millimeter. Pressed and formed. Plywood is the most commonly used material for hand-made. Generally, plywood can be divided into six specifications, namely 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 15 PCT and 18 PCT.

3. To understand in time, decorative panel, this kind of decoration wall panel is also called panel, indoor wall panel meets our decoration needs, the production of this kind of decorative panel is to precisely plan the solid wood board into a thin thickness of about 0.2mm The veneer is then made of plywood as the base material, and then a decorative board with a single-sided decorative effect is made by the adhesive process. This is a high-grade decoration material with a thickness of approximately 3 cm. Plastic veneer decorative board: a decorative veneer material that can be covered on various substrates by using paper with various colors and patterns as the tire, impregnated with melamine resin and phenol resin, and then hot pressed There are two types of mirror type and soft light type. The mirror surface is bright, rich in color, bright and vivid, and can imitate various natural materials. Does not produce reflected glare.

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