How to determine the height of curtain rod installation?

The installation height of curtain rod directly decides the overall height of the curtain, if the height of curtain rod is not set well, it will affect the visual effect of the whole space, so how to determine the installation height of curtain rod?

Method for determining the installation height of curtain rod

1. Different installation methods determine the installation height of curtain rods

Curtain installation means cent two kinds: one kind is top outfit, another is a kind is side outfit; As the name suggests is in the top of the top of the window or the top of the house directly installed curtains slide guide rail, so this installation does not need to consider the height of the installation; The second side installation is more common, generally see the need to cover the entire wall, need to cover the curtain rod can be installed below the top of the house 5~8CM.

2, different decoration style think curtain rod installation height

Decoration style if there is gypsum line on the height of the curtain rod set in the gypsum line below the distance between the gypsum line 5~8CM, if the condole top, it depends on the height of the condole top, general curtain rod installed in the distance from the ground 2.5M position can be about.

3. Different reference materials determine the installation height of curtain rod

Curtain rod installation height and the top of the house as a reference, from the top distance of 5~8CM, with the ground as a reference the bottom of the curtain from the ground to maintain a distance of 2~5CM, to ensure that the curtain does not mop the ground.

All in all, curtain rod installation height reference overall visual effect, not all shade curtain can refer to the height of the window, the high window frame out of about 8CM is appropriate.

Installation procedure of curtain rod

(1) preparatory work before curtain rod installation:

1. Material requirements: wood and products, hardware accessories, metal curtain rods

2. Main machines and tools

(1) hand electric drill, small electric giant

(2) woodworking big plane, small wood saw, small plane, groove plane, screwdriver, punch, chisel, hacksaw, etc.

(2) installation sequence of curtain rods:

1, positioning and marking: installation of curtain box, curtain rod, should be according to the design design requirements for central positioning, play the leveling line, find a good structural relationship.

2, embedded parts inspection and processing: after finding the line to check the fixed curtain box embedded fixed parts of the position, specifications, embedded way is not to meet the requirements, for flatness, elevation, central position, the wall distance error should be taken measures to deal with in time.

3. Check the processed products: check the processed products that have entered the site. Before installation, check whether the varieties, specifications and structure meet the requirements of design and installation.

4, the installation of curtain box, the installation of curtain box is very simple, basically it is to install curtain box, install curtain rail and install curtain rod.

(3) curtain rod installation:

1, when installing the curtain box to find a good position, carefully draw the size line, accurate installation of embedded parts. Before installation, the line must be drawn correctly, the center line must be accurate, and the installation gauge must be consistent in elevation.

2, when curtain box is installed, make both ends length is same.

3, prevent curtain track to fall off, general cover board thickness is not less than 15 millimeter, thin at 15 millimeter cover board should use machine screw to fix curtain track.

4, processing wood drying is not good, after the admission of storage damp, installation should be timely brush paint.

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