How To Improve The Performance Of Best Car Headlights?

At present, there is a problem with some brands of super white light, that is, the car headlights have reached high-color temperature. From the outside of the car, the brightness is sufficient, but the light beam is not concentrated in the car, and the brightness is much smashed outside the car. The reason for this phenomenon is that the problem of these brands of lamp technology, the lighting effect is whiteness but sacrifices brightness.

So when you purchase, you must first compare quality, you can’t just value the price as cheap. Various bulbs are low to high color temperatures, and the owner can choose the right light bulb according to their needs and the car.

Several transformation plans for car headlights upgrades

1, increase the power of the original car bulb

Generally, the number of watts of the car headlights is about 55W, which basically meets most of the night lighting needs. However, some owners think that the lamp is not bright enough, so I transfer the lamp to 60W, 100W, or even higher. At this time, although the brightness of the lamp is substantially improved, the hidden danger has also increased. Because the number of watts is increased, the current and heat are increased, resulting in the aging of the lamp and the melting of the lamp head, and also bringing too much burden to the generator, fuse, and battery. Many self-ignition vehicles are caused by chaos.

Therefore, the upgrade of the headlight should be presumed with the number of watts that do not increase the original car light. If you insist on increasing the number of light bulbs, we also advise you to control the power by 10%.

2, switch imported light bulb

I often listen to some light manufacturers, and my light bulb can increase the brightness by more than 50% in the case of power consumption, and this only needs to replace a bulb. If you have seen similar ads, don’t write, because the same material is different from the same material. After the imported light bulb is replaced, the brightness is indeed slight increase, and the color of the light can also have a variety of choices. If you are good at night, but not prepared to spend a lot of money on the light, it should be a good choice, the most important thing is that this modification will not cause unnecessary trouble when the car is inspected.

3, add a lightning wire

Features: Simple modification, low cost, normal, and safe. The increasing line is actually a shorter line of the car headlights, directly supplying the headlights from the battery to make the headlight voltage and the battery voltage without voltage drop. This method has a certain angiographic effect. The brightness of the large lamp varies with the engine speed changes, and the car is more obvious for the logo of the line.

4, modified Xenon car headlights

The xenon headlights do not have tungsten wire, there is no concern that is oxidized and burnt, very durable; it is highly bright, which is 2 to 3 times the brightness of the general car headlights. Since the xenon lamp is activated by a high voltage current to activate xenon, a beam of arc is formed, and the emitted light can be continuously discharged between the two electrodes. The power of ordinary car bulbs reached 65 watts, while xenon lamps only need 35 watts, reduced by nearly 1 time. So it saves more power than ordinary light bulbs. Xenon lifetime is 5 times that of ordinary bulbs, which greatly reduces the loss of surrounding plastic lamps, and reduces the cost of use.

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