How to maintain fabric bag and coriaceous female bag

How to maintain fabric bag

1. When cleaning wholesale canvas handbags, please soak them in salt water for 15 minutes and use soap and soft brush to clean them.After opposite air is dried, iron in medium heat can.Cotton woven canvas bag is easy to fade, try to dry clean, if you must wash, soak in cold water wash.

2. When cleaning the artificial fiber bag, use a soft brush to remove dust and other materials, and then use the brush with neutral detergent to gently wipe the stains, and pay attention to the water inside the bag.

3, cloth kind female bag can use the wet cloth that does not drip to press gently to press bag surface to clean bestial, besides the female bag design of silk, silk and satin, can try to dip toothpaste to do local cleaning with toothbrush.

How to maintain coriaceous female bag

1. Keep dry and store in a ventilated and cool place.Pu leather handbag by all means avoid exposure to the sun, fire, water washing, sharp impact and contact with chemical solvents.

2, leather female bag accidentally wet, must use soft cloth to dry the water, and then placed in a cool place air for half an hour.

3, clean leather female bag, dust removal, and then use special cleaning oil to remove dirt and wrinkles.

4, grind sand leather bag avoid wet water, should be clean care with rubber wipe, should not use shoe polish cleaning.

5. Care should be taken to protect all metal accessories on the bag. The environment with high moisture and salt content can cause oxidation.

6, leather bags do not use, it is best to preserve in cotton bags.Do not put them in plastic bags, as there is no air circulation in the bags, which will dry out the leather and damage it.It is better to put some soft knife in the bag to keep the shape of the bag.Old pillowcases work well if you don’t have a proper cloth bag.

7. Patent-leather ladies’ bags crack easily, so you must be very careful when using them. You can usually just wipe them with a soft cloth.If the leather bag cracks, you can use a cloth with a little special grease, and then gently wipe.

8, if you accidentally drink and other liquid on the leather bag above, should immediately use a clean cloth or sponge to absorb it dry, and wipe with a wet cloth to let it dry naturally, do not in order to save time with a hair dryer to blow dry, this will have a lot of damage to the bag.

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