How to Maintain the Air Cooler of Cold Storage

Many customers ask us how to maintain the air cooler of CBFI cold room?

1、 Installation Environment and Maintenance Problems of Air Cooler

    The location and environment of the cooler in the cold storage will affect its operation. Generally, the cooler near the cold storage door is prone to condensation and frost. Because its environment is at the doorway, when the door is opened, the hot air flow outside the door enters, and when it encounters the cooler, condensation and frost occur, or even freeze. Although the air cooler can automatically heat and defrost regularly, if the door is opened too frequently and the opening time is too long, the time and number of hot air flow entering is large, and the defrosting effect of the fan is not good. Because the defrosting time of the air cooler cannot be too long, or the cooling time is relatively shortened, the cooling effect is not good, and the storage temperature cannot be guaranteed.

    In some cold storages, there are too many doors, the frequency of opening the door is too high, the time is too long, there is no heat preservation measures at the door, and there is no partition wall inside the door, so that the cold and hot air flows inside and outside are directly exchanged. Frost problem.

2、The drainage problem of the melted water during the defrosting of the air cooler.

   This problem is related to the severity of frost formation. Due to the serious frosting of the fan, a large amount of condensed water is inevitably generated. The fan’s water receiving tray cannot bear it, and the drainage is not smooth, it will leak down and flow to the ground in the warehouse. If there is stored goods below, the goods will be soaked. In this case, you can install a water tray and install a thicker guide tube to remove condensate.

    Some air coolers have the problem of blowing water from the fan and spraying it on the goods in the storage. This is also the problem of fan frost under cold and hot AC environment, mainly due to the condensed water produced by the fan fan page in the hot environment, not the problem of the defrosting effect of the fan itself. To solve the problem of fan condensate, the environment must be improved. If there is a partition wall in the door of the design, the partition wall cannot be cancelled. If the partition wall is canceled to facilitate the entry and exit of goods, and the environment of the fan is changed, the cooling effect cannot be achieved, the defrosting effect is not good, and even the fan failure occurs frequently, and the equipment has problems.

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