How To Pick The Most Suitable Granite Cutting Disc?

It is very important to use the granite saw blade that is most suitable for your job. There are points for choosing the most suitable cutting discs. Xmgt cutting blade manufacturer share this subject here for customers to avoiding bad production consequences caused by selection errors.

First: focus on the quality grades of the cutting discs.

1. Under normal circumstances, the higher the grade, the better the cutting disc. A high-quality granite saw blade has stronger versatility, and higher cutting efficiency, a longer service life, and effect are more prominent.

2.It is not enough to rely only on the grade of cutting pieces, but also to upgrade the configuration according to the characteristics of the supporting machine and the characteristics of the granite being cut.  

In short, we must pay attention to the product level, and at the same time choose the most suitable saw blade based on the site characteristics.

Second: Choose the most suitable diamond cutting disc according to the worksite situation.

1. The Cutting Machines. 

Because each factory and project or even the cutting machine itself has different power and supporting parts, so when buying a saw blade, it is necessary to combine the machine situation to match the saw blade most effectively, so as to achieve the best performance of the cutting blade.

Such as machine motor power: combined with the power of the machine, develop the most effective formula, so that emery in the most appropriate range contained in the knife disc, will not cause too fast or too slow cutting process exposure, will affect the efficiency of life and effect and use effect.  

2. The Granite Characteristics.

Because there are many varieties of granite, it can be roughly divided into super-hard, medium-hard, and soft varieties in terms of density. When buying a saw blade for cutting granite, it is also necessary to combine the characteristics of this stone for matching. 

For example, under the premise that the machine data is clear, the characteristics of the stone must be studied: according to the previous statement, we distinguish the hardness of the granite according to the density, and combine the hardness characteristics to combine the best segments formula again. At the same time, to ensure the efficiency and life span, and effect during the cutting process.

In short, we should make the best sectional formula selection according to the characteristics of the machine and stone, so that the saw blade can give full play to its value. Of course, for all customers and cooperation, our customer service will use professional configuration for everyone.  

Third: Other Instructions

1. Using the most suitable saw blade or stone polishing tools can get the most value for customers, thus saving the production cost, instead of being unprofessional and just looking at the product price, it actually increases the processing and operating costs.

2. Choosing the right saw blade also benifits the hidden cost of matching the machine loss and power saving. It is often overlooked and the cost is saved.

The original intention of engaging in an industry is not just thinking about transactions, and being able to provide the market and customers with the best products to save customers the true cost and achieve the best use effect is the center. We stick to this original aspiration, which is also the purpose of Xmgt stone polishing tools suppliers’s unremitting pursuit.

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