How to select a WPC pavilion

Pavilion is a landscape in park, villa community,etc,Chic wooden pavilions not only increase beauty,but also give people a better sense of natural and healthy life,But as an outdoor pavilion, year-round weather and rain, the use of inappropriate materials is very easy to age and rot, very beautiful.As a new type of environmental protection material, outdoor wood plastic composite decking material can be used for 30 years without fading, decay and cracking. The pavilion made of plastic wood material can be called the most perfect combination. 

First of all, in the selection of wpc pavilion on the important point is to look at the appearance of the pavilion.

The appearance here refers to the details of the workmanship of the pavilion.High-quality pavilions are well made, and whether there is a gap between them.Whether it is a column or guardrail, tables and chairs and other hands can be touched, smooth, there is no place to prick.Not only beautiful, easy to manage and use, but also safe, do not worry about children playing in the wpc pavilion injury.

Secondly, on the choice of plastic wood Pavilion, the key point is the selection of the pavilion material.Many customers think that the material of wpc is very similar, in fact, different companies have different formulations of products, product quality of course, there are also high and low points.

Greenzone New plastic wood materials with high strength, high hardness, long life, good processability,beautiful features, quality assurance.

Furthermore, the selection of wood pavilion is important to see the style .The pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, six corners, eight corners, two layers, three layers, and so on.It is suggested that consumers should be optimistic about the style in advance, measure the specific size and choose the right style.Both practical and beautiful pavilion is not only a cool place to play, but also a landscape in the green space.


Finally, we should pay attention to the production process of the pavilion, to select brand qualification manufacturers. Standardized production process is the guarantee of quality. Hanming Specialized supporting production line equipment, the various parts of the pavilion are produced in groups and transported to the destination for installation. Ensure both efficiency and quality. Professional production, reliable.

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