How to Use Charcoal Briquette Machine

We can offer automatic briquette plant equipped with charcoal briquette machine and charcoal furnace to turn your sawdust or saw shavings into value added briquettes and charcoal which boast as newly developed environment-friendly renewable fuel. The charcoal maker machine can be extruded from briquette machine and carbonized into charcoal featuring smokeless performance, long-time combustion and high thermal value.

Briquetting the a process in which biomass is compressed under high pressure and high temperature. Biomass self-bonding to form clumps involves thermoplastic flow of biomass. Lignin content naturally occurring in biomass is released under high pressure and high temperature. The lignin acts as glue during the lumping process, binding and compressing biomass to form dense briquels.  

During the briquetting, no binding agent should be put into use in the briquette machine. Generally speaking, charcoal briquette machine refers to not only briquette machine per se, but also covering material pre-treating equipment and post-briquetting machine. Namely, debarker, crusher, hammer mill, dryer, sifter and packing machine. As for the processing from sawdust, saw shavings into briquettes, you can also check up the technique.

Over the past years, Charcoal briquette machine has become the reliable helping hand for farmers turning their agricultural residue such as rice husk, wheat straw, corn stalks and cobs into briquettes and charcoal, having won a lucrative business for them. But the point is that farmers work in their own fields and cannot scale up production lines on their own because of limited space. Therefore, more people from the farmland collective procurement of raw materials, opened their own professional briquettes, working area is larger. In addition to materials provided by ordinary farmers, other materials include furfural residue, bagasse, pounded corn on the cob, refined sludge, paper mill residue, and carbon-rich planks and planks.  

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