Jinyu Tin Box Make Cookies More Crisp

Biscuits are common snacks in our lives.There are various different taste,style,brand of biscuits.Because biscuits are made by pure wheat,it is widely popular with many people!Biscuits as a snack or a diet,it is convenient and easy to carry.However,the problem of preservation of biscuit trouble a lot of people.How can cookies be preserved for a long time to keep crisp?


Biscuits need to be stored in a container with good sealing performance and keep the inside air and the outside without circulation.If left unsealed,the biscuits will soften due to the absorption of moisture.In addition,biscuits should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and direct sunlight.Otherwise the biscuits will release heat,produce condensed water and become wet.


For these characteristics of biscuits,we recommend a biscuits tin box.This biscuit tin box is a round one,which is a classic one in the biscuit tin box packaging.The material is 0.23mm high quality tinplate,which is light and tough.The printing uses CMYK(4C) printing with bright colors and clear patterns.


The Jinyu tin box is very tightly sealed and can effectively reduce the contact between the biscuit and the air.Moreover,the biscuit tin box is very dry and opaque,and can be isolated from moisture and oxidation.In addition to meeting these characteristics,the tin box is also very hygienic and environmentally friendly,which can ensure the hygiene of biscuits,minimize the possibility of breeding germs,and effectively prevent health risks. For more info, please visit our official site blog “Jinyu Tin Box Make Cookies More Crisp”.

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