kingtool aluminium machinery automatic cnc machine price for curtain wall materials in workshop

1 Primarily used for cutting industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum curtain wall profiles as well as combined angle cutting of aluminum curtain wall profiles.

2 Worktable and cutting blades can be adjusted at random angles.

3 CNC random adjustment angle system for Italian worktable and cutting blades.


Main technical parameter

1. Saw cutting length50-3000mm2.Saw cutting (W×H)300 x 180 (600) mm (90°)

300 x150 (550) mm (90°)

350 x150 (600) mm (90°)3.Main motor power4.0KW4.Main motor rotation speed2840 rpm5.Saw blade dimensionø550 x ø 38 x 140T

Ø600 x ø 38 x 140T6.Saw blade feeding speed0~3m/min7. Saw blade returning speed2~3m/min8.Worktable rotation angle22.5°~90°~135°9.Saw blade swing angle range90°~45°10. Operation air pressure0.6~0.8Mpa11.Operation voltage380V12.Overall dimension(L×W×H)8500 x 1800 x 1650mm13.Weight1100kg


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