kingtool aluminium machinery industrial cnc router machine for sale producer for milling

Adopts Japanese Panasonic CNC system and brand motor, so with high cutting precision CNC cutting machine, good stability, and high positioning accuracy, repositioning precision can reach ±0.1mm. Primarily used for cutting industrial profiles and track profiles, the saw blades can adjust 45°~90° degrees. Adopt hard alloy saw blades, the external diameter can reach 600mm, the liner speeding is high, the accuracy of processing is high. Adopts an Italian CNC positioning system and double-position workbench, high accuracy in positioning of length and angle setting, so it is the ideal choice for cutting large-size industry profiles.


1. Work area: X/Y/Z axis6200/1300/660mm2.Work area: Ma× processing length

Ma× processing width

Ma× processing thickness6000mm


240mm3.Blade sizeΦ600×Φ36×Φ1204.Blade feeding speed0~3m/min5.Main Moto :power/rev:7.5kw/2900 rpm6.Saw blade swing angle:±45°7.Voltage/total power380V 50HZ/20KW8.overall dimension of the lathe(L*W*H):8900×2800×2400 mm9.The overall dimension of the control box:1400×850×350mm10.Necessary power source: Power supply

Air pressure50A



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