kingtool aluminium machinery vertical aluminium composite milling machine for curtain wall materials in factory

Company Advantages

1. The design of kingtool aluminum machinery ACP Processing Machinery Exporter is strictly conducted. It is carried out by our designers who think highly of parts and components safety, the whole machine safety, operation safety, and environmental safety. It is firmly structured with excellent resistance to shock

2. Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a world-class aluminum composite milling machine company. Its high precision processing is recognized widely by end users

3. Strict quality control processes are carried out throughout the production process, eliminating possible defects in the product. The sales is significant, making a great contribution to the annual output value of USD13 million

KT-971A Aluminum Composite Panel Grooving and Cutting Machine(Vertical Panel Saw)

The grooving and cutting machine adopts special imported hard alloy blades and tools, featuring superb high-speed balance performance, high processing precision, and durability, saving time and energy. Blade grooving depth can be adjusted steplessly from 0 to 8mm. It is capable of grooving and cutting, capable of horizontal and vertical cutting, and safe positioning. The overall machine is of superior rigidity, with stable cutting, without vibration traces.

MAIN TECHNIQUE PARAMETER of KT-971A ACP Grooving and Cutting Machine(Vertical Panel Saw)

1. Cutting dimension (LxH):4100x1300mm

2. Blade demension:250*30*15mm(for grooving)

3. Blade demension:250*30*3mm(for cutting)

4. Motor power:3KW

5. Motor rotation speed:2840r/min

6. Diagonal deflection:2000mm, deflection:1.5mm

                                 ,>2000mm, deflection:2.5mm

7. Overall dimension (LxWxH):5200*1500*2300mm

8. Packing dimension:5500*1000*2000mm(main lather)


9. Net weight:1800KG

Company Features

1. With the professional production of aluminum composite milling machines, Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. has won a broader international market.

2. The solid technology foundation for Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. further consolidates the quality of aluminum composite panel cutting tools.

3. Our company bears social responsibility. We have been making efforts to invent new technology with low acoustic emissions, low energy consumption, and a low environmental impact.

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