kingtool aluminium machinery window cnc laser cutting machine for aluminum door in plant

1 Primarily used for cutting industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum door and window profiles may also use for cutting plastic profiles. Worktable and cutting blades can be adjusted at random angles.


2 Adopted the hard quality alloy saw blades, the external diameter can reach 24 inches, the linear speed is high, and the accuracy of processing is high.


3 Adopted Italian CNC positioning system and CNC random adjustment angle system for workable and cutting blades, adopted 4KW motors.


4 High accuracy in positioning of length and angle setting, so it is the ideal choice for random angle cutting of industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum curtain wall profiles as well as combined angle cutting of aluminum curtain wall profiles.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Saw cutting length420-6000mm2.Saw cutting (W×H)310×180mm (600)

310×150mm (550)

350×150mm (600)3.Main motor power4Kw×24.Main motor rotation speed2840 rpm5.Saw blade dimensionΦ550(Φ600)×Φ30×120T6.Saw blade swing angle range90°-45°7.Worktable rotation angle30°-90°-135°8.Saw blade feeding speed0-3m/min9. Saw blade returning speed2-3m/min10. Working air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa11.Overall dimension (L×W×H)7700×1800×1650mm12.Weight2200Kg

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