Laser technology-what damage does the laser cause to our eyes

The light scene, light pollution has become an endless stream of doubts in our days. For our past days, the social environment of the various kinds of light and light questions is not a question, and the endless stream of light questions now affects most of our lives and work. In our laser protective glasses, most of us today do n’t have a correct understanding of light doubt, and we also have misunderstandings about laser protective glasses. Our laser mirrors can not only protect the laser, but also face other light. Doubts still have a strong protective talent.

Different laser wavelengths have different effects on the eyeball, and the results are different. The harm of far-infrared laser to the eyes is mainly cornea. This is because the laser of this wavelength is almost completely absorbed by the cornea, so the corneal damage is the most serious, mainly causing keratitis and conjunctivitis. The patient feels eyes pain, foreign body-like effects, Fear of light, tearing, hyperemia of eyes, decreased vision, etc. In the event of far-infrared light damage, the injured eye should be covered and maintained to avoid infection and symptomatic treatment. The damage to the eye caused by the ultraviolet laser is mainly the cornea and the lens. The ultraviolet laser in this band is almost completely absorbed by the lens of the eye, while COSCO mainly absorbs the cornea, which can cause the lens and cornea to be cloudy.

 The laser is a rare light source in our days, but the influence in our days is extremely endless, not only the good effect but also the bad effect. We should pay attention to the changes in the appearance of light doubt light scenes in our daily life, and deal with these endless questions in time. It is expected that we have a correct understanding of the laser, do a good job of protection and prevent it, and the damage of a laser is irreversible.

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