Paper cup printing methods and precautions

What are the different characteristics of several printing methods of paper cups?

Several printing methods of paper cups are compared. Different printing methods have different printing characteristics:

1. Offset offset printing is based on the principle of oil-water repulsion. The papers selected by the Ministry of Graphics and Literature have the advantages of full color, bright colors and high definition. Both the gradation and the fine lines can be better displayed, making the appearance of the paper cup more beautiful and more attractive to customers. But offset printing is not suitable for printing food paper cups, because offset printing ink is not very environmentally friendly.

2. Silk screen printing has great flexibility and applicability due to its soft and flexible layout. Not only suitable for printing on soft articles such as paper and fabric, but also suitable for printing on hard articles such as glass, ceramics, etc., and is not limited by the surface shape and area size of the substrate. However, the advantages of screen printing paper cups machine are not well reflected, and screen printing has great restrictions on the reproduction of graphics, and it has certain difficulties in dealing with gradation and the accuracy of reproducing images.

3. Flexo printing is called “green printing” because it uses water-based inks. Many companies’ product packaging is now developing in the direction of flexo printing. Because the structure of the flexo printing machine is relatively simple, the flexo printing machine is thinner compared to the huge body of the offset printing machine and the expensive material cost.”In terms of cost, the equipment investment of the flexo printing machine is lower than that of the offset printing machine of the same scale. , Can generally save as much as 30% to 40%. The small investment in production attracts the participation of small printing companies. Flexo printing is not as narrow as screen printing on the selection of manuscripts, and the color regulations are relatively broad, but Compared with offset printing, it is still inferior. Flexo printing is the main process currently used in paper cup printing, and the quality of paper cup printing depends largely on pre-press production.

What should be paid attention to in the design of paper cup before printing?

1. Try not to design and use full-color paper cups. The full stack of paper cups has too much ink stacking, and the paper cups are produced directly for sealed packaging. The organic compounds discharged from the solvent ink during the drying process, isopropyl alcohol in the alcohol wetting liquid, and the volatile gases of the glazing paint are harmful to human health. In the sealed space, the full color of the paper cup covers the entire body of the cup. Near the mouth of the cup, when we use the paper cup to drink water, our lips will touch a certain position of the cup. It is easy to bring the above-mentioned chemicals with the liquid. The body affects health. . Therefore, we generally recommend that customers should not design full color when designing high speed paper cups machinery, and the smaller the color block, the better. It is also unsuitable to design graphics near the cup opening, especially block ink. Or it will produce the same bad effect.

2. For the bar near the bottom of the cup, the text design should be raised 5mm. After the cup pieces are put on the machine, the bottom of the cup should be pressed at 5mm to ensure the firmness of the bottom of the cup. However, the high temperature and pressure of the machine can easily make the graphics and text near the bottom of the cup flower, affecting the appearance. Therefore, when designing and making graphics, the text bar pattern near the bottom of the cup should be raised by about 5mm according to the height of the bottom of the cup.

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