Precautions during the installation of solar support

Before installing solar brackets, there are many inspection processes and preparations. Professionals should understand these issues when installing them. First of all, there are many manufacturers of solar mounting bracket. They should choose suitable for the local soil environment, or It is a solar mounting bracket for some environmental climates. When testing the inspection items, it is necessary to have a very good inspection of its appearance and its anti-corrosion coating. It should be ensured that these coatings are intact, and design in terms of model specifications and materials. When it is necessary to design accessories according to the requirements of the drawings, or some other equipment, it should be very complete, including bolts or some other materials, which should be regulated in accordance with the relevant regulations of steel structure engineering construction, and he must be able to achieve Relevant specification requirements

During the installation of the solar bracket, a forcible blow should not be carried out, which may cause certain damage to the entire equipment. During the installation of the bracket, its anti-corrosion layer should not be damaged, because it will play a very important role in the later process. When setting the angle of the bracket, you should pay attention to its angle, which should be set in a reasonable position, so as to be able to receive very well with the sun, the centerline deviation should also be within the specified range, and the vertical deviation The angle of the bracket, or the whole field of the elevation of the top surface of the bracket should be set, which may bring better results in the later work process.


Moreover, in the process of on-site solar support construction, professional operators are required to operate the solar support/solar roof mounting brackets, and they may be more inclined to calculate the angle of these supports or their position and declination. Consider these issues from a more professional point of view, so you must be able to pay attention to these issues, and some measures should be taken to ensure that during the installation process, the correctness of the process and sequence is in the bracket installation, or in the bolting. In the process, there are other related requirements in terms of strength.

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