Precautions for operation of optical fiber fusion splicer

Precautions for operation of optical fiber fusion splicer

The content shared for everyone today is about the operation precautions of the optical fiber fusion splicer. I hope that each operator will pay attention to the welding process to ensure high-quality work.

1. First of all, clean the inside and outside of the fiber fusion splicer, the fiber itself, the important thing is that when cutting the V-groove fiber presser foot and reflective lens, ensure that the cutting end face is 89°±1°, which is approximately vertical. In the process of putting the optical fiber in the specified position, the end face of the optical fiber should not touch any place. If it touches it, we need to clean and cut again: emphasize that it should be cleaned before cutting!

2. When putting the optical fiber in its position, do not be too far or too close, 1/2 place, proficiency! Must pay attention to the whole process of welding, do not open the windproof cover

3. It is also necessary to heat the heat shrinkable tube. The scientific name of the process is the reinforcement of the splicing part. When heating, the fiber fusion splicing part must be placed in the middle and a certain tension is added to prevent bubbles and insufficient fixation during the heating process. The heating process and the fusion process of the optical fiber can be performed at the same time. When taking out after heating, avoid touching the heated part to prevent a safety accident. This process requires the operator to pay attention to safety.

4. When finishing the tool, pay attention to breaking the fiber head to prevent danger. The fiber is glass fiber, very thin and very hard.

5. The most important thing is to pay attention to safety during operation.

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