Printing method of paper cup machine

In general, the paper cup machine should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag, and the packaging bag should not be damaged. The paper cups that are not tightly packed are easily polluted by the environment, and the hygiene cannot be guaranteed. The name, address, production standard, production date, production date, and validity period of the production enterprise shall be indicated on the product packaging.

When choosing a high speed paper cup machine, use your hands to squeeze gently on both sides of the cup, you can roughly know the stiffness of the cup body. GB11680-1989 “Hygienic Indexes of Base Paper for Food Packaging” has made corresponding regulations on heavy metal content, optical brightener and some pathogenic bacteria.

The shape of the paper cup making machine should be quite wide and should not be deformed. In addition, a paper cup manufacturing machine with better cup stiffness should be selected. Paper cups with poor stiffness are very soft when squeezed by hand. After pouring in water or beverages, they will be seriously deformed when they are served up, or even not up, which will affect their use.

The technical performance of the paper cup machine product should implement the QB/T2294-1997 “Paper Cup” standard and also the enterprise standard. But the hygiene index must implement GB11680-1989 “Hygienic Index of Base Paper for Food Packaging”.

The quality of the paper cup machine can only be accurately checked in the laboratory. Consumers cannot judge from the appearance, but they can buy products from regular manufacturers through regular channels, so that the health status of the paper cup machine can generally be guaranteed.

Which printing method of paper cup machine do you prefer?

There are many printing methods for automatic paper cup machines. Different printing methods have different printing characteristics. Next, we will introduce you to various printing characteristics and see which printing method you will choose.

1. Silk screen, silk screen has great flexibility and applicability due to the soft and flexible layout. Not only suitable for printing on soft articles such as paper and cloth, but also suitable for printing on hard articles, such as glass, ceramics, etc., and is not limited by the surface shape and area size of the substrate. However, the advantages of the screen printing paper cup machine are not well reflected, and the screen printing has great restrictions on the reproduction of graphics and text, and it is difficult to deal with the gradation and the accuracy of the reproduced image.

2. Flexo printing, which is called “green printing” due to the use of water-based inks. Many companies’ product packaging is now developing in the direction of flexo printing.

3. Offset printing utilizes the principle of oil-water repellence. The film propaganda paper cup machine is divided into oil-resistant and water-resistant, and the blank part is hydrophilic and oil-resistant. The image and text are transferred to the substrate through a blanket roller. The advantage of offset paper cup machine is that the color of the pattern is full, bright and high definition. Both the gradation and the fine lines can be better displayed, making the appearance of the paper cup machine more beautiful and more attractive to customers. But offset printing is not suitable for printing edible paper cup machine, because offset printing ink is not very environmentally friendly.

Because the structure of the flexo printing machine is relatively simple, compared with the huge body of the offset printing machine and the cost of expensive materials, the flexo printing machine is “thin”. In terms of cost, the equipment investment of a flexo printing machine is lower than that of an offset printing machine of the same size, which can generally save as much as 30% to 40%. The small investment in production has attracted the participation of small printing companies.

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