Protection and cleaning maintenance of Mosaic tiles

Although mosaic tiles are small in size, they are non-slip, wear-resistant, water-resistant, rich in patterns, and strong in plasticity. Therefore, they are widely used in various spaces, especially mosaic tiles bathroom decoration. Now, let me introduce how to maintain and clean mosaic tiles to alleviate the troubles of daily cleaning and maintenance.

First of all. Protect the finished mosaic tiles

1. Clean up after finishing the paving

After the adhesive layer on the back of the mosaic tile and the beauty joint agent are solidified, the surface of the mosaic tile can be cleaned.

Prepare two buckets, separate the detergent and clean water. Soak the cleaning agent with a cloth first, without wringing it out, wipe the surface of the mosaic in circular motions; then soak the sponge with clean water, and then wipe the surface of the mosaic with the sponge to wipe off all residues such as detergent. Rub it with a sponge several times until the mosaic surface is clean.

2. Check the details after paving

After all the walls have been paved and the tile adhesive layer and beautifying agent have solidified, do an inspection again. Use a clean and damp soft brush to gently bring out the floating sand left in the gap. If the gap is large after the floating sand is brought out, use 1:1 mud to fill it again, and clean it again when the mud solidifies.

3. Ventilate after mosaic tiles are laid

After the porcelain mosaic tiles are laid, they can be properly air-dried. The ground that has just been paved should be protected from direct sunlight. Generally, ventilation should be maintained for 24 hours after completion. The post-maintenance of the paved Marseilles should not be less than 7 days.

Secondly. Daily cleaning and maintenance of mosaic tiles

1. Daily cleaning

(1) It can be wiped clean with a cotton cloth soaked in water with good water absorption. Because the surface of the ceramic mosaic tiles is very flat and does not easily hide dirt, daily cleaning is also very convenient. In addition, after a long time, you can wipe it with a neutral brightener, which helps the mosaic surface to stay bright as new.

(2) If it is a floor without a drainage system, first take a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor, then wipe the floor with detergent and water, and then use a wrung cloth to clean up the remaining detergent and water. Basically, it will be clean.

If it is the floor of the shower room, spray a little detergent with decontamination function directly after the shower every day, and there is basically no need to clean it later.

2. Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of mosaic tiles requires attention:

(1) Prevent heavy objects from hitting. If it is a floor tile, prevent heavy objects from dragging on the ground.

(2) If the mosaic is falling off, it needs to be repaired with the same kind of mosaic.

(3) Daily cleaning can be done by gently wiping and cleaning once a week.

Most of the mosaics are laid on a small area in the bathroom or kitchen as a decorative effect, and these two places are the easiest to hide dirt, so daily cleaning and care should not be lazy.

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