Something About Hanyi Machinery

Shanghai Hanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, is a professional food truck manufacturers based in China, specializing in custom food trucks, mobile food trailers, mobile kitchens, coffee and burger trucks, etc.

During our years of operation, our products have evolved from catering manufacturing to commercial kitchen equipment to mobile catering service solutions. A mobile food truck business is a great way for entrepreneurs to build a brand serving food they love and achieve their financial freedom. Our company aims to offer any type of street vending truck, barbecue and sandwich truck, specialty food trailer and custom wheeled mobile restaurant.  

Ape food truck supplies provides the ideal backdrop to any type of street vending business, from traditional product s such as coffee, ice cream and pizza, to regional and national specialities and niche sectors,such as local delicacies and ethnic cuisine.Currently, our food truck include both electric tricycles and motorcycles. Normally, motorcycles use “gasoline engines” while electric tricycles adopt “lead-acid batteries.” It consists of two parts, the front head and the rear cabin, which can take 2-3 people with the speed below 80 km/h. Suitable for selling snacks and other daily necessities both indoor and outdoor. People can cook and sell food in the rear cabin, which can be equipped with various kitchen equipments such as oven, fryer, griddle, refrigerator, ice cream machine, generator, air conditioner, etc. Meanwhile, the workbench is flexible so the space of cabin can be changed. Our food vehicles are economical, durable and movable for selling various food no matter day or night.

The Hanyi food truck equipment is mainly suitable for various food trucks. It needs to conform to the internal structure and dimensions of the food trailer. Large food truck are equipped with more than ten kinds of food truck equipment, and small food truck are usually equipped with 4-5 kinds of equipment. There are two kinds of power for food truck equipment: gas and electricity.

As the best custom food carts manufacturers, Hanyi Machinery also offer free food truck designs and provide continuous after-sales service, our dedicated team of professionals will supply you with a truck that will meet your requirements and match your budget. Besides, we have additionally implemented CE CERTIFICATE and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN Number) covering for all food truck for sale to further increase our quality standards. We look forward to working with you and helping you plan a project that will be enjoyed by all.

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