Taifeng Lan Cable Production Machine Introduction

Slow Speed? It is because of the LAN CABLE! Presently, all lan cables are twisted for “individual pair” and “ 4 pairs” in the same direction. This creates a “self-twisting deformation”,

the 4 pair wires are forced to be adhered with each other by the coverage of jacket. After a period of time (about 1 year), the jacket will become loosen due to outside temperature change,

 edging, etc., This will create more spaces inside the jacket and cause reducing of adhesion force for the 4 pairs, then the 4 pair wires will adjust the “self-twisting deformation”

 back to normal formation and change the “twisting distance of 4 pairs”. The change of “twisting distance” will greatly affect the performance of the lan cable during the data transmission.

Taifeng Communication Cable Producer is honored to announce that we are using a “PATENTED” production procedure to twist “individual twisted pair” and “4 twisted pairs” in opposite direction, so the 4 pairs are adhered

 by nature force and not by the coverage of the jacket. Even after the loosen of the jacket, the twisted force remains the same and the twisting distance for 4 pairs won’t have any change.

This ensures the performance of the lan cable and the speed will never be slow.

TaiFeng has the world’s most advanced Nokia ¢ 65mm tandem extrusion production line, ¢ 500 mm paired

cables production line, ¢ 900 mm sheath extrusion production line, ¢ 800mm production lines etc. to

meet the high-performance production demand and growing market demand. It is one of the largest production

enterprises for integrated wiring products with DCM network analyzer, FLUKE expansion test machine,

high-power projectors and other test facilities.

All the products are automatic produced . Also equipped (IPQC) online diameter checking for the conductor/insulation/Jacket OD

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