The Difference Between Flip Flops And One Word Slippers

Rubber flip flops are a kind of casual, convenient and cool shoes to wear in summer. Its angle design is very similar to the Chinese character “human” shape, so it gets its name. It’s a style of slippers. Slippers refer to such footwear: The heel is empty, only the front has the toe, which is mostly flat sole. The material is often quite light and soft leather, plastic, cloth, rubber. It includes flip-flops, cross-slippers, flip-flops and other styles. It is obvious that the biggest difference between rubber flip flops and ordinary slippers (such as cross slippers and one-word slippers) lies in their different structures.

In addition, many people think that flip-flops are more fashionable than ordinary slippers. That’s because flip-flops, full of free spirit and casual sensation, have always been welcomed by designers and applied to various fashion shows, hence the birth of many flip flops manufacturer, Rowoo Shoes is one of them.

Compared with ordinary slippers, flip-flops have simple structure, but unlimited creative possibilities. Flip-flops are integrated with popular elements such as color collision, beading, diamond crushing, printing, rivets, stripes and so on. They show fashion and personality, and they are all summer fashion items.

In terms of collocation, flip-flops are more fashionable than ordinary slippers. Whether it is with different skirts, hot pants, or even suits, it can be matched with different fashion flavors, highlighting the lazy summer leisure atmosphere. Rubber flip flops can also be worn on a variety of occasions. Whether it’s going out for a walk, shopping, beach games or parties, it is the best choice.

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