Understand the knowledge of ceramic tiles

Cement tiles, as a subdivision of antique tiles, have gone through a long period of time, from niche tiles to more and more home improvement consumers. Cement tiles are visual decorative tiles, suitable for and popular in minimalist style, Nordic style, modern simplicity, industrial style and other decoration styles. So, what is cement tile, what are its characteristics, and how is it actually applied? Quickly understand the knowledge of cement tiles in one minute!

Characteristics of cement tile

The cement tile mentioned here refers to a type of antique tile that has a decorative effect after the cement is solidified. The difference from other ceramic tiles is mainly reflected in the surface texture and pattern texture; it does not refer to the kind that uses cement and sand to pass After stirring, the tiles are made piece by piece for building walls.

As a branch of antique tiles, cement tiles have the antique and retro look of antique tiles, which is conducive to creating the cultural temperament and atmosphere of the space. As a ceramic tile specially imitating the texture of cement floor, cement tile also has a rough and rustic, low-key and high-cool side.

Application of cement tile

Because of the unique decorative effect of cement tiles, it is not only suitable for creating home decoration with artistic flavor and cultural taste, but also often used in fashion avant-garde, highly personalized cold style, industrial style decoration, and also suitable for Comfortable, calm and quiet home design. At present, cement tiles are mostly used in the decoration of some high-end cafes, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, art studios, etc.

In specific decorative applications, cement tiles can either be the protagonist and be used as wall and floor tile decoration; they can also be supporting angles to embellish local spaces. Cement tiles have diverse textures and various styles, and can also make a three-dimensional effect of unevenness, showing a variety of different spatial effects.

Promotion of cement tile

In the early years, cement tiles were popular in European and American countries due to their natural concrete style and personalized decorative features. Domestically, they were more popular among designers. The gray-toned cement tiles, with deep or light textures, engrave the cracks naturally formed on the cement floor, showing the texture of time after years of polishing, attracting the attention and interest of many designers.

Driven by the designer community, and with the continuous development of modern decoration, youth and multiple personalities have become a new trend in decoration. Cement tiles, which tend to return to life and are simple and rustic, are increasingly favored by young home improvement consumers.

In the ceramic tile manufacturer, although the market share of cement tiles is not large, it has its own irreplaceable and unique decorative application fields.

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