Understand these 3 “traps” of ceramic tile manufacturers

The house is going to be renovated. If you do not choose the all-inclusive service, the owners may have to buy the tiles themselves. The ceramic tile is the main material for home decoration that requires a large number and requires a large amount of decoration. For many owners, buying ceramic tiles is not an easy task, and there are many owners who have encountered bad ceramic tile manufacturers and have fallen into the trap of the merchants. So, when buying ceramic tiles, what are the more common “traps” and how to avoid them?

When owners enter the home building materials market, they will see a variety of ceramic tile brands. If you pay more attention to it, you will find that in the same ceramic tile market, there are more than 10 ceramic tile manufacturers advertising their brands as “Top Ten Ceramic Brands” or “Top Ten Ceramic Tile Brands”. For the owners, it is difficult to tell the truth from the false propaganda. Therefore, it is recommended that owners try to choose the mainstream local building materials market and buy high-profile brand tiles.

Secondly, due to the huge product system of ceramic tiles, the types and styles of ceramic tiles are very rich. In order to distinguish the quality of different types of tiles, they are usually divided into different grades, such as the high grade ceramic tiles and the lower-grade inferior products. In the ceramic tile market, in order to obtain higher commercial profits, some merchants try to replace the high-grade ceramic tiles with ceramic tiles that are not as high-grade when they are sub-charged, mixed, sold or shipped. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners ask the merchant to issue a formal invoice when placing an order to purchase ceramic tiles, and need to indicate the parameter information of the ceramic tiles.

Of course, as a means of promotion in ceramic tile factories, low-price promotions are often effective. Some ceramic tile stores want to attract more customers, increase customer flow, and want to obtain higher profits. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of raising prices first and then lowering prices, or “attracting” consumers under the guise of lower prices. Into the store. In this situation, it is recommended that owners should be vigilant, purchase carefully and place orders to avoid being rhythm by ceramic tile merchants.

In addition, some ceramic tile merchants will secretly increase the ceramic tile sales price. Under normal circumstances, when buying ceramic tiles, the owners do not calculate the amount of ceramic tiles. Many times, they will let the ceramic tile merchants measure the size and then arrange the tiles to calculate the total number of tiles needed. However, when calculating the amount of tiles, some merchants will deliberately count less, thereby reducing the overall price of ceramic tiles.

The above are the three common types of ceramic tile business “traps”, before you purschase the ceramic tile you need to understand.

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