What advantage does face thermometer have?

With the gradual stabilization of COVID-19 epidemic prevention, schools in China announced the opening time, looking forward to entering the normal teaching phase. According to the requirements of the local education committee for the prevention and control of the school, the temperature of all the staff must be taken before entering the school, the temperature of normal people can enter the school.

Most current enrolled temperature measurement scheme selection of temperature measuring gun approach, general need manual operation, manual registration, the workload is bigger, and easy to make mistakes, so Telpo introduced a facial temperature measuring instrument, combined with face to identify the skills to complete intelligent temperature measurement form, automatically save temperature records, the need of personnel, the prevention and control the execution of the supply for the school more powerful guarantee.

Solution of face thermometer:

This program selects the core equipment: face thermometer. The integrated terminal of face recognition and temperature measurement is deployed at the gate of the school. All the students and staff come to the school for face measurement. The equipment can complete the accurate temperature measurement within 0.3 seconds, and make face recognition of the temperature tester together (no need to take off the mask). After successful recognition, the temperature information, identity information (name, photo), temperature measurement time and other information into a record for storage.

Advantages of face thermometer

1. Accurate face recognition

Face recognition entrance guard temperature measurement system using a face recognition algorithm of high accuracy, and wide dynamic identification skills, support face and recognition method by the IC card card to identify the < 0.2 s, face recognition < 0.8 s, front camera Dual-lens camera(RGB+IR),2MP+1.3MP, real-time capture, record the scene dynamic image clarity, useful to prevent the use methods such as photographs or video alternative to identify real do “in face of talented people”, access to traffic safety.

2. Live body temperature monitoring and early warning

The face recognition door guard temperature measuring system has the function of infrared imaging temperature detection, which can be opened or closed freely. When the staff passes the entrance guard, the body temperature data will be monitored actively, the page will be displayed in real time and the voice will be broadcast. For those who exceed the set temperature threshold, For users who exceed the set temperature threshold, terminal voice alarm and background alarm push abnormal temperature information to the platform in real time, which is conducive to effectively blocking the outbreak risk time.

3. Statistical analysis of body temperature

The face recognition entrance guard temperature measurement system is a compulsory binding system for each person’s identity identification and temperature detection. The temperature record is strictly corresponding to the identification personnel and uploaded to the cloud processing system, which can constitute the analysis of each person’s temperature change, facilitating the early warning, recording and the administrator, and making the epidemic prevention and control work well in advance.

4. Various broadening functions

The face recognition access control temperature measurement system integrates the access control attendance and temperature measurement. It can be equipped with a large monitoring screen to monitor the temperature of the staff in real time, so as to facilitate the prevention and control of the epidemic. With the face recognition cloud platform, it can constitute a total solution, providing more intelligent services such as remote monitoring, data tracking, and personnel temperature analysis, which greatly improves the daily personnel handling work.

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