What are the working principles of the fusion splicer?

For maintenance of  fusion splicer equipment, many industries use it mainly to use high-frequency electric fields to oscillate internal molecules of plastic to generate heat energy for fusion of various products. The maintenance of fusion splicers on the market is mainly for optical fiber equipment.

New types of optical fiber fusion splicer, OTDR maintenance has small size, light weight, fast speed, low price, wide temperature range, high reliability, simple operation, due to different environments, users can automatically set various parameters, can adapt to various The optical fiber has low fusion loss, wide measurement range of related instruments, and high test accuracy.

Working Principle:

(1) It is a dielectric material. Under the action of a high-frequency electric field, molecular polarization occurs and is arranged according to the direction of the electric field. Due to the high-frequency electric field, the direction is changed at a very fast speed, then the dielectric material will be due to dielectric loss. heat.

(2) Working principle: high-frequency plastic welding equipment, which belongs to high-frequency dielectric heating equipment.

(3) Working principle: the output power is strong. The weekly rate generated by the local oscillator is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ, which conforms to the international industrial sector standards. Various control devices have special electronic circuits, which can avoid improper operation and can weld products in the fastest time. , Increase product output.

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