What glasses should laser workers choose

About our industrial personnel, laser protective glasses can maintain both eyes in time. In our work, laser protective glasses are indispensable to avoid the stimulation of the eyes with laser power, so in short, laser protective glasses can be avoided. A special kind of glasses that reduces the damage to human eyes caused by laser. Laser protective goggles are high-efficiency and safe goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers and laser pens. This series of optical safety glasses are comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable to wear.

The specific conditions for selection are:

1. Maximum irradiance Hmax (J / m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W / m2);

2. Specific protection wavelength;

3. The required minimum optical density value Dmin at the corresponding protection wavelength;

4. Non-uniformity, asymmetry of protective lens, viewpoint effect of incident light, etc;

5. Ability to resist laser radiation;

6. Visible light transmittance;

7. Structure and appearance.

Laser safety glasses, laser glasses, laser protection, safety glasses, we only have a pair of eyes, please pay attention to maintenance! Laser specifications and classification, American laser safety regulations ANSI Z136.1 ANSI Z136.1 specifications: after optical density (OD , Optical Density) to measure. The logical relationship between optical density OD and transmittance T: D = -log10 T.

European laser safety standard EN207 / EN208 EN207 / EN208 specification: thinking about the optical density OD, in addition to the damage threshold (power / energy density change with time)

According to the American laser safety code ANSI Z136.1 and the European laser safety code EN207 / EN208, lasers can be classified as follows.

The applicable groups of laser protective glasses are: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welders, electric welders, high-temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel when operating X-ray fluoroscopy; laser protective glasses are distributed differently In the work, the protective glasses suitable for various lasers such as ultraviolet laser, excimer laser, neodymium glass laser, semiconductor laser, CO laser, neodymium-doped garnet laser, ruby ​​laser, CO2 laser, gallium arsenide laser To protect our eyes, let our eyes adhere to a healthy and safe condition. So in choosing our laser protective glasses, you can have a better protection for your eyes.

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