What is an Optical Fiber Distribution Box?

What is an Optical Fiber Distribution Box?

Today, as the demand for higher data rates keeps increasing, optical fiber cables have been replaced with copper cables in FTTH(fiber to the home), FTTB(fiber to the building), and FTTC (fiber to the curb) networks. Optical fiber distribution boxes play a vital role in these wiring systems and thus are widely used in these cabling systems.

What is an optical fiber distribution box?

The optical fiber distribution box, also called the optical fiber distribution unit, optical fiber termination box, or optical fiber distribution point, is the intermediate node between the feeder cable of the distribution system and the bow-type drop cable leading to individual subscribers.

What’s the function of a fiber distribution box?

Used as a termination point, it links feeder cable to drop cable, integrating functions like fiber fixation, direct splicing, branching, straight-through, splitting, fiber termination, storage, solid protection, and better cable management in one unit; thus, it acts as a high-density fiber distribution box.

What’s the structure of the fiber distribution box?

Similar to ODFs, or fiber patch panels, fiber optic distribution box usually consist of appropriate space allowing for minimum bending radius, a bunch of fiber splice trays, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic splitters, fiber optic pigtails, several entrances, and exit ports, often made of PC-ABS materials with IP rating no less than IP65 and equipped with locking mechanism against theft or sabotage.

Typically, they’re lightweight and compact. The exit ports are much smaller than the entrance ports, as they’re used for connecting the pigtails or patch cords from the end-users.

ypes of fiber distribution boxes

Fiber distribution boxes can be classified in terms of different standards. Generally speaking, we can divide them by mount type, cores, and integrity.

By mount type

There’re various mounting types of fiber distribution boxes. The most common mount type is the wall mount, while the pole mount is an alternative. The wall mount is preferred by FTTB, while FTTC prefers the pole mount.

By exit ports

According to the number of exit ports a fiber distribution box contains, we can name it as the corresponding cores distribution box, for instance, a fiber distribution box having 8 exit ports can be called as an 8-core distribution box. There’re 2-,4-,6-,8-,12-,16-,24-,36-,48-core and more distribution boxes. Among them, the 8- and 16-core types are the most common.

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