What is the heated extrusion device of a 3D printer? what the effect?

The 3d printer hot end is the part of the extruder that is hot enough to melt plastic or possibly other materials. In FDM (fused deposition) type 3D printers, the 3d printer hot end acts as a heated extrusion device, also known as extrusion head, nozzle, etc. But in reality, the latter is just a component of the hot end.

3d printer hot end are typically made from materials that can withstand high temperatures around ~240 °C (used in current thermoplastic extrusion). The hot end usually refers to the top part of the extruder, where the temperature is highest.

Function: The function of the hot end is to melt the consumables (plastic, nylon or other materials that can be melted into fluids) fed by the extruder and extrude them for superposition molding of 3D printing. It is similar to ink cartridges and nozzles in inkjet printers and is an important part of 3D printers.

Structure: A complete hot end usually consists of a pipe body, a throat, a heat dissipation part, a heating aluminum block, a nozzle, a thermocouple, and a heating rod.

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