What is the use of aluminum profile?

Aluminum profile is a different shape of aluminum products, through the extrusion process of aluminum . From the raw material aluminum ingot, after the hot melt, then can get aluminum billet, and then through the hole or flat die to complete the aluminum extrusion process, can get different shapes of aluminum products.

Various complex aluminium extruded profiles can be created in different thicknesses.These aluminum profiles can have a variety of complex voids that are required for end-use applications. In order to facilitate various automation applications and meet any performance weight requirements, a variety of internal voids can be used. The most common type of aluminum profile is the hollow beam profile, which is just a variation of the square profile.There are other contour types, such as triangles, single radius and l-shaped contours.

Aluminum profiles are widely commonly used in industrial automation applications, such as process lines and automated motion applications throughout the manufacturing industry. They are sturdy and lightweight, so they can be easily handled manually and configured to suit the needs of an automated structure. In addition to traditional automation applications, structure-grade aluminum profiles are even designated as part of the weight reduction effort.In this sense, they are increasingly being used as frameworks for other end-use consumer products, such as automobiles and LEED building projects. With the development of more advanced technology of aluminum alloy and surface coating, aluminum profiles use is expanding into the new fields.

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