Which important link does curtain rod install have?

Curtain rod installation is an important link of domestic outfit, a lot of people have heard of curtain rod installation three link content is a lot of, the detail of installation curtain rod is complex also, so in the family installation curtain rod important link is how?

Home curtain rod installation three links analysis

1, curtain rod installation three links – preparation work

(1) material requirements

Wood, and products, hardware accessories, metal curtain rod.

(2) main tools

Need to prepare hand electric drill, small electric table, giant woodworking big plane, small plane, groove plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisel, punch, hacksaw and so on and collect well.

2, curtain rod installation three links – construction

(1) curtain rod hanging way

Curtain rod cent has those who hang a ring and did not hang a ring, the curtain rod that has hang a ring, can hang directly, the curtain that takes processing with cloth, the curtain that does a good job installs on 4 feet hook to go up to hang.

And the curtain rod that did not hang a ring, want to hang the curtain that punches a hole to process, or wear a rod to process, the curtain rod that has hang a ring is before installation, need to assemble first, oneself can decide according to the situation.

(2) determine the installation width and height of curtain rod

Before curtain rod is installed, decide its installation position first, install height and width namely, the width of curtain rod, it is the width that decides by the window, go out 20-30 centimeters more than window width on both sides.

The installation height of curtain rod, want to have clear rod and dark rod, the installation height of bright rod, in the middle position that condole supports to the upper part of window frame; Dark bar in the top of the curtain box, or the side of the curtain box in any part, this can be installed according to the actual installation situation.

3. Positioning and punching

Considering the fixed firmness, the distance of the fixed parts is too large to withstand the tension, so the fixed hole spacing should be calculated in advance. General fixed parts distance distance is less than 50 cm, and then draw a line positioning.

After determining the position of the device, the beginning of drilling, pay attention to the depth and diameter of the hole, not too large, and then fill in the expansion screw; If be woodiness bottom layer, do not need to bore a hole, with since tap screw is fixed OK.

4. Installation of window cloth lever

For the Roman bar, after positioning and drilling holes, it can first fix the device frame, and then put the bar on the device frame; If be window cloth rail, will assemble good window cloth rail, with side code perhaps top code is fixed go up to metope or smallpox.

3, window cloth rod device three links – attention

(1) adopt different connection methods

If metope is plank, the screw that eats contrail of the device directly is on the judge azimuth of the plank; If metope is cement, the demand USES electric drill to go up in decide azimuth to punch a hole, knock in special nylon expansion big tube next, put screw into special nylon expansion big tube to twist again.

(2) window cloth hook device

If be the method that chooses window cloth hook to fix window cloth, the different device method that can use hook, form different window cloth crimp. Notice the distance between window cloth hook, hold to consistent distance as far as possible, can day computation is good.

If you find a rusty hook, you can immediately replace it,it will contaminate the window cloth; In use, can adjust the number of pins into the slot, maybe 3, maybe 4; Can adjust the number of slots between the distance between the two hooks, and then adjust the useful width of the window cloth.

(3) make sure it is firm

When the device, pay attention to choose the support and the rod match, if the support is too small, perhaps the support simple damage; On the other hand, too small bracket and the touch surface of the wall will be smaller, the number of device nuts, perhaps the size of the nut will be limited, so simple to the device of the window cloth rod is not safe.

(4) guarantee standard and level

The length of window cloth rod should be greater than the width of window cover to prevent light leakage; Window cloth rod device to adhere to the horizontal bearing, when necessary, can be used to monitor the window cloth rod device is flat.

(5) choose opportunities

The best choice after the new house opened waste, or do a final cleaning, if rui too early, the window cloth pole will fall on a thick dust; If you pack it too late, the cleaning is done for nothing.

Roman pole and window cloth best matching device; And window cloth rail can be installed in advance, before the installation, the demand to consider its bearing capacity.

The above is the curtain rod installation of three links, after reading, should have their own ideas, for the preparation stage, there should be nothing to say, you know! The focus is in the construction, before the construction, to see the matters needing attention, as far as possible to reduce the mistakes in the installation. Curtain rod installation three links, can not be used to evaluate whether difficult, should see your technology can complete this task.

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