Why is synthetic resin tile more advantageous than color steel tile?

Can the tiles at home still survive the wind and rain? Do you go to the house every year to repair tiles? Are you considering replacing the tiles? Speaking of changing tiles, it is estimated that many people have been entangled. What kind of tiles do you choose? The traditional clay tiles have been eliminated. Now most of the building materials market are resin tiles and color steel tiles. After investigation, resin tiles were selected. There are far more than those who choose color steel tiles, but there will also be many people who do not understand his characteristics and nuclear advantages, and are afraid of being deceived and pitted. How many years can the resin tile be used? Where is his advantage? Next, let’s take a look at the market of resin tiles.

Color steel tiles are thin steel plates that are sprayed on both sides and processed into various corrugations to give the thin plates good mechanical properties and act as roof tiles. The color of the color steel tile is generally maintained for 5-10 years, and the service life is between ten and fifteen years. The color steel tile is generally used in work plants and other places where the heat insulation and sound insulation effect is not high. It is not suitable for places with high requirements for sound insulation, such as residence and office. In addition, his price will vary greatly according to his different board thickness and surface coating treatment.

There are two types of resin tiles, one is natural resin tiles and the other is synthetic resin tiles. The resin tiles we call in the building materials market generally refer to synthetic resin tiles because of the cost of natural resin tiles Higher, generally rare, so the building materials market refers to synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles have a variety of colors that do not fade, are beautiful and have a strong three-dimensional sense, and are in line with the cultural characteristics of Chinese buildings. It is easy to install and never rust. Because of its light weight, it greatly reduces the load on the roof. The color warranty is ten years, and his actual service life can be as long as thirty years. Because of this, synthetic resin tiles are widely respected by the construction industry and widely used in the flat to slope engineering vigorously promoted by the state.

Through the above materials, the reason why the color steel tile is already unfamiliar to the public is that the color steel tile has poor corrosion resistance and is subject to external influences. Some conditions will occur after long-term exposure, and it will rust on rainy days At the same time, it will produce a lot of noise on rainy days, affecting normal work and rest, so slowly everyone has discovered the advantages of resin tiles and the convenience brought to us. Following the trend of the times, choosing a good roof tile is for yourself A peace of mind, a guarantee.

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